B2B & Trade Show

The B2B and Trade Show feature agile multicultural and ethnic organizations and companies.

The Multicultural Fair’s B2B and Trade Show is the best way to get the most out of business and multicultural networking.

It maximizes synergies among participants, giving you more opportunities to create partnerships with specific procurement representatives from multicultural organizations/companies as well as foreign suppliers and potential business partners. Our special seeded organizations and unique matchmaking system guarantees that you will meet supply chain representatives from ethnic and multicultural organizations/companies:

  • Network with key decision-makers and influential Canadian multicultural leaders;
  • Pre-schedule B2B meetings on our online platform (*available to visitors with some restrictions on the day of Fair);
  • Increase visibility with ethnic, community and multicultural industry entrepreneurs;
  • Gain continuous exposure on our website (company description in booklet and on the website).

To reserve your space, contact YPSWA representative by email at info(@)associationcanada.org or by phone 647-831-2139.

See tentative Trade Show Plan.

See here Confirmed Participants.

What is included?

  • 1 standard counter-top (booth) & 2 stools OR 1 small counter-top with 1 stool;
  • Carpeting;
  • Exhibitor passes;
  • Organization’s profile on B2B App, YPSWA website and logo on the invitation/newsletter;
  • Refreshment breaks;
  • Seminars, workshops, B2B meetings;
  • Pitch presentation of your organization to stakeholders and investors;
  • Cultural performances;
  • Prizes;
  • WiFi;
  • Free parking;
  • Not included: electricity, drapes and marketing.

*For convenience, you can bring your own background banner to place it behind your stand or you can order one from us.


How our B2B platform Works?

The Multicultural Fair B2B & Trade Show platform allows registered participants and visitors to request and schedule meetings in order to plan their agenda.

The platform interface is highly adaptable to your company’s specific needs.

The online platform allows you to:

  • View and search the database of registered participants (primes, suppliers and partners) to identify which companies you wish to meet with;
  • Send meeting requests.

To schedule B2B meetings

Go to Arrange B2B. Once there, click on the organizations with which you would like to meet and select time slot that suits you best.

Once a meeting has been confirmed, you will receive an email about in what specially designated place the B2B meeting will take place. Simply print out the schedule before the Fair begins.

Because this system allows all meetings to be scheduled well in advance, we strongly recommend registering early, so that you can request and confirm the meetings you want before agendas of other participants are full.

For all sponsorship opportunities, visit our sponsorship page.

Multicultural Canadian Fair & Trade Show 2017

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