Youth Comes Together to Say “No” to Bullying

One of many screens used during the event

15.11.2012 – During the Bullying Awareness Week in Toronto, Young Professionals and Skilled Workers Association (YPSWA) together with Rathburn Area Youth (RAY), an organization that works with at risk youth, and with the support of Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC), organized an event dedicated to stopping bullying and promoting peace and respect.

RAY’s youth from the Mid-Etobicoke area worked hard to prepare one unforgettable event for their friends, peers and tenants of TCHC.  Participants shared with the public poetry, songs and spoken work.  They have also shared their personal stories about bullying and provided remedies that are based on the Christian morality.

Stephen Abara, a poet from Nigeria and author of Anthology of African Poetry, was one of the performers, who talked about how his Catholic faith and poetry help him make the right decisions in life.  The event was attended by roughly 50 youth and parents.

“We have organized this event in order to show our solidarity with the City of Toronto and teach our youth through the arts and performances that violence is not a solution to any problems,” said YPSWA’s president Volodymyr Paslavskyi.

Donna Cansfield, MPP for Etobicoke Centre, was a special guest at this event and her message of peace resonated well with the anti-bullying campaign.

YPSWA is a not-for-profit and federally registered organization, which offers a great way for young professionals, skilled workers and apprentices to network, socialize and expand their professional horizons.  YPSWA also has a strong component of advocacy and public awareness as part of its mandate.

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Photo #1: One of many video screens used during the event

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