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Study Permit – a document that lets a student to attend a learning institution, like school, college or university, and remain in Canada for the duration of an entire educational program, if it is longer than 6 months. When a Canadian Embassy approves the initial study permit, it also automatically issues a temporary resident visa (TRV) to enter Canada.

Arcadia works with many schools and colleges in Ontario and can help you find an appropriate program and enroll into that program’s college or other designated learning institution (DLI), as well as, guide you through the whole process of obtaining the study permit and TRV.

Apply for Study Permit Within Canada – if you are a visitor on a temporary resident visa in Canada and would like to switch to the student status and obtain the study permit without leaving Canada first, then, Arcadia can help you apply for the permit within Canada, without the need to leave Canada first.

For this approach, we have developed two strategies that are acceptable by the Ministry of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Call us today to see if you qualify for these strategies.

Extend Study Permit – if your original or previous study permit expired and you need new permit to continue studying in Canada, then, Arcadia can advise you on collecting the right documents with correct information, and file the application on your behalf. Arcadia guides its clients through the whole process of extending the study permit.

Restore and Prolong Study Permit – if you have not applied to extend your study permit and lost your status in Canada, you cannot study until the IRCC restores your status and extends the study permit. You have 90 days to restore and extend the status and permit.

Restoration of the status cannot be granted at the port of entry. Individuals who have failed to comply with the conditions imposed under section 185 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR), need to apply in Canada for the restoration of their status. If they leave Canada, they will be deemed to be seeking a new entry on their return.

Arcadia Immigration Consulting, Inc. can file the application to restore the study permit on your behalf. Arcadia guides its clients through the whole process of restoring the permit by providing a meticulous advice on collecting the right documents with correct information.

Flag-poling Study Permit – Arcadia drives its clients for an extra fee to the Canada-US border to extend their study permits in a practice known as “Flag-poling.”

We are complying with the rules of Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). They implemented a procedure for extending study (and work) permit applications made by the individuals who currently reside in Canada and possess valid study (or work) permits, and were brought by their representative to the Canada-US border for the sole purpose of presenting their permit applications for extension at a Canadian port of entry.

NOTE: A benefit of the flag-poling practice is that you can get the study (or work) permit on the same day of submitting the application. Arcadia can represent your applications before the CBSA at the border.

Working While on Study Permit – if a student works for 20 hours per week on a campus, but still cannot afford groceries and expensive rent in Toronto or elsewhere in Canada, then, the student may qualify for an open work permit that is concurrent with his/her study permit.

Sec. 199 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR) allows the student, – albeit with some conditions, – to apply for the concurrent work permit. Contact Arcadia today to represent your case energetically and file the application for the open work permit on your behalf.

Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) – is an open work permit for recent graduate students. The permit is Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) exempt and is issued for 8 months or 3 years, depending on a student’s length of study program.

If a PGWP application is filed improperly, then, a student is running the risk of getting the PGWP for 8 months, when he/she should really qualify for the PGWP for 3 years. Retain Arcadia today to make sure that you get the right representation and your PGWP application is approved.

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