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Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) – also known as “Minister’s permit” and may be granted in accordance with sec. 24 of the Immigration and Refuge Protection Act (IRPA) in exceptional circumstances to a person who does not meet the eligibility and/or the admissibility (i.e. entry) requirements to enter and/or remain temporarily in Canada.

A TRP application is weighed against the need to enter or stay in Canada on the one hand and the health and safety risks to Canadian society on the other hand. The TRP is a discretionary permit, not an automatic legal instrument.

A TRP permit may be issued outside Canada at a Canadian Embassy or Consulate General. The Individuals who are not admissible to Canada due to some former criminal charges, may qualify for the permit, provided that they no longer pose any health or safety risks to Canadians and they have a compelling and sufficient reasons to overcome the presumption of inadmissibility.

A person on the TRP status for 6 months may apply for a study or work permit. After 3 years on the uninterrupted TRP status the person may apply for permanent residency. Call Arcadia today to obtain the TRP on your behalf.

Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD) – A travel permit that is valid for one single entry. One can apply for the PRTD if you:

  • if you lost or do not have a valid PR card showing your PR status;
  • are outside Canada;
  • will return to Canada by airplane, boat, train or bus;
  • are a permanent resident, as long as the permanent resident status was never revoked by the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD).

This document can be issued outside Canada or at a port of entry, depending on a situation. If you lost your PR card while travelling overseas, the PRTD is a convenient permit that will let you to return to Canada without any problems. Contact Arcadia today to help you return to Canada.

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