Hearings and Detentions

Whether you are facing an Admissibility Hearing for failing to observe residency obligations and delay a removal order or a family relative is ready to post a bond at your Detention Review or you need to appeal a blocked sponsorship application, and so on, Arcadia is here to firmly advocate on your behalf and fight for your interests.

Admissibility Hearings – at the hearings the Immigration Division decides whether a permanent resident or foreign national breached the IRPA and whether he/she should be allowed to enter, remain or leave Canada.

Detention Reviews – at the reviews the Immigration Division decides whether the reasons for immigration detention of permanent residents and foreign nationals continue to exist or have changed and the release is required.

Appeals to IAD and RAD:

  • Sponsorship appeals by citizens and permanent residents whose applications to sponsor close family members to Canada have been refused;
  • Removal order appeals by permanent residents who have been ordered removed from Canada;
  • Failing to observe residency obligations;
  • Written refugee appeals to overturn decisions by Refugee Protection Division.

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