As an employer who is interested in hiring a foreign national, you need to conduct a labour market impact assessment of his/her position to make sure that by hiring the foreign national, you do not overlook or disfranchise able Canadians.

There are two types of LMIAs. One for foreigners who either want to come to Canada or are already in Canada on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. It costs $1,000.00CAD (government fee) + immigration consultant fee. The second type of LMIA is for the foreigners who are in Canada and need it for their permanent residency application. For the second type the government does not charge $1,000.00CAD.

It is useful to think of LMIA as a “quality control” process. Only positive and neutral LMIAs lead to work permits for foreigners. There are even some exemptions and certain foreign nationals and jobs do not require LMIA.

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