Where the event will take place?

Multicultural Canadian Fair, B2B and Trade Show 2019 will take place at Woodbine Mall and Fantasy Fair at 500 Rexdale Blvd. Etobicoke, ON  M9W 6K5.

Why participate in the Multicultural Canadian Fair (MCF)?

By participating in MCF, you can interact with other multicultural leaders as well as expose your organization to other groups and their representatives.

Multicultural leaders from various ethnic groups will participate in the Fair. They will explain “best practices” of each group and promote opportunities for cooperation with their groups and countries, therefore, promoting import/export opportunities.

Ethnic and multicultural organizations and companies will be participating, promoting interaction and inter-cultural understanding that is necessary to succeed on the multicultural business arena.

Summary – Why You Should Participate?

  • Expand your market share to other ethnic groups;
  • Build coalitions of supporters for causes shared by many groups;
  • Find foreign partners and local reps to run your organizations;
  • Learn about other groups to find their niches and opportunities with them;
  • Find foreign suppliers;
  • Seminars, workshops, B2B meetings;
  • Networking opportunities.

What outcomes MCF are expected to reach?

The Fair is expected to produce the following outcomes:

1) establishment of a network (integration) of leaders of various multicultural groups;

2) foster greater inter-cultural understanding by promoting, discussing and educating each other about his/her culture and “cultural” best practices;

3) build “bridges” between cultural ethnic leaders and general public through novel ideas, dialogue, feedback;

4) encouragement of positive interaction among multicultural groups through workshops and seminars in order to share and learn the latest cultural trends, special skills of one’s cultural group, etc.

Why MCF is needed in Toronto?

MCF is needed within local community of Toronto because Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. In Ontario, we celebrate contributions of various cultures to the Canadian mosaic through Legislative Acts, for example. But only several groups, which know how to build bridges with other groups, had been recognized in this way. But in Toronto, many, many cultural groups would like to be recognized in this way. They require integration, inter-cultural understanding, etc, in order to be socially cohesive and eventually to be recognized in similar way, too.

Can (walk-in) visitors bring their resumes and give them to the exhibitors?

Yes, visitors can bring their resumes and actively look for employers.

Which cultural groups are expected to perform at MCF?

  • Albanian Canadian Association;
  • Belgian Canadian Chamber of Commerce;
  • The Federation of Canadian Turkish Associations;
  • Canadian Association of Crimean Tatars;
  • Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario
  • and others.

Why exhibitors have to pay the registration fee and (walk-in) visitors can enter, free of charge?

Exhibitors pay for booth space and have access to other benefits, like advertising and presentation of their organizations to the wider public and other groups. Visitors, on the other hand, do not have access to these benefits.

How MCF plans to build bridges among different multicultural organizations/leaders to interact with each other?

Through our panel discussion sessions, Q & A sessions and workshops, diverse cultural leaders will inform the general public,-which will be invited to attend panel discussions,-on how to obtain greater intercultural understanding of his/her multicultural organization/groups and how cultural and traditional traits may facilitate better understanding of a group’s “best business practices,” opportunities for cooperation with that group, partnerships, and learn how culture affects one in the workforce, in business and life, etc;

After learning about ethnic best practices, cultural leaders have an opportunity to present to the general public and other groups their ethnic ideas, including artistic, cultural and even businesses ideas that are embedded in one’s culture, and ask them to evaluate, provide feedback and survey these ideas. Once the general public and other organizations engage their leaders,-and dialogue is started among them,-these groups will be able to build stronger “bridges” among themselves by finding hitherto unknown similarities and commonalities that are relevant to today, and life in Canada.

How MCF will help organizations, community and business leaders to interact with each other?

Through our integration session MCF helps cultural leaders to network with other cultural organizations and learn about their particular needs, aspirations and opportunities. With the help of a Gong sound, leaders will be rotating and move through predetermined cultural stands of each ethnic group. Such rotation will facilitate positive consultations and interactions with each other.

Can we bring our own background banner to set up behind the stand?

Yes, you can bring your own background banner as long as it does not exceed the size of your tent of table.

What is included?

  • 1 small counter-top (32″ by 32″) & 2 stools;
  • Exhibitor passes;
  • Table cloth;
  • Organization’s profile in booklet;
  • Seminars, workshops, B2B meetings;
  • Pitch presentation of your organization to stakeholders and investors;
  • Prizes;
  • Free parking;
  • Not included: electricity, drapes and marketing.

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