Who Can Be Sponsored:

Sec 117 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR) describes who can be sponsored;

  • Spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner;
  • Dependent Children (under 22 years);
  • Brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, grandchildren who are under 18 and are orphaned;
  • Adopted children;
  • Parents, grandparents and their dependent children (under 22 years);
  • Any relative if the sponsor in Canada is alone and without any other family.

There are 2 streams for sponsorship:

  • Sponsorship of Members of the Family in Canada Class and is governed by ss. 123-129 of IRPR;
  • Sponsorship of Members of the Family Outside CanadaClass is governed by ss. 116-122 of IRPR.

Even if your family relatives are illegally in Canada, they still can be processed as “Members of the Family in Canada Class” if docs are properly filed. Contact Arcadia to guide you through these bureaucratic inconveniences.

All sponsorship applications are assessed based on sponsor’s financial assets and on his/her ability to sponsor a family relative. The relative, in turn, needs to show a genuine relationship between the sponsor and him/herself.

There are different financial requirements when it comes to sponsoring either a spouse with or without dependents, children and other relatives or parents and grandparents. As a rule of thumb, to sponsor the parents or grandparents a sponsor needs to show the minimum necessary income + 30% during the last 3 years.


In Canada, adopted children need to be sponsored as dependents. There are 3 streams of adaptions:

  • adoption outside Canada;
  • adoption inside Canada; and
  • sponsorship of adopted children.

The adoption needs to be done in the best interests of a child and have a genuine parent-child relationship.

Adopted children can be:

  • Under 18 one category;
  • Under 22 second category.

In cases where adoption cannot be completed outside Canada, children are processed for the sponsorship on the condition that they will be adopted after coming to Canada.

Contact Arcadia today to help you with the federal and provincial adoption processes and requirements.

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