New Ontario Government Committed to Working with First Nations in the Ring of Fire

The new Ontario government recognizes the importance of collaborating with First Nations to get the proposed developments in the Ring of Fire right from the beginning.

Premier Kathleen Wynne said today she wants to work with First Nations to take advantage of the immense opportunity of the Ring of Fire for future economic growth and job creation for generations to come. The government will work with First Nations to share the benefits of development.

This historic meeting between Matawa Chiefs, Premier Kathleen Wynne, Minister Michael Gravelle and Minister David Zimmer was productive and part of an ongoing constructive dialogue with First Nation communities.

The new Ontario government is committed to working together on a regional framework and with individual communities to deal with issues such as socio-economic supports, long-term environmental monitoring, training and employment opportunities and infrastructure development.

YPSWA support this initiative as it complements YPSWA’s mining project that was recently announced by the President of YPSWA.


  • There are more than 600 active mineral exploration projects in Ontario.
  • Over the last 10 years, more new mines opened in Ontario than anywhere else in Canada.
  • The mining sector is the largest private sector employer of Aboriginal people in Canada.

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