YPSWA marks Small Business Week

October 16, 2017 – Toronto – YPSWA is proud to mark Small Business Week, which runs from October 15 to 21, 2017.

Small Business Week is a time to celebrate small and medium sized businesses for their immense contributions to Canadian prosperity. It is also an opportunity for current and aspiring entrepreneurs, especially young professionals and skilled workers, to connect, share experiences, and learn new ways to make their businesses even more successful.

Small business owners move Canada forward. They invest in communities, transform new ideas into market-ready products and services, and unlock economic opportunities that create jobs and grow the middle class.
Small businesses are the backbone of Canadian economy. They make up 98 per cent of all business operations in Canada, employ over 70 per cent of the total labour force in the private sector, and contribute more than 30 per cent to our gross domestic product.

We know that when small businesses prosper, so does Canada. YPSWA does it share to educate young businesses to reach out to new markets, and to ensure that they have skills, talent, and tools they need to thrive, grow, and prosper.

By-annually, YPSWA organizes Multicultural Canadian Fair and Trade Show, which brings in entrepreneurs from different countries and ethnic backgrounds for a day of networking and education on reaching new markets. YPSWA is also engaged in mentorship projects, where skills are passed on from one generation to the other.

On behalf of YPSWA, we invite all Canadians to participate in events across the country to celebrate Small Business Week. We thank the Business Development Bank of Canada for their annual organization of this special week and wish them every success with this year’s activities.

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