YPSWA Conducts Business Training in Ukraine

Volodymyr Paslavskyi conducts training










Kharkiv, Ukraine – Young Professionals and Skilled Workers Association (YPSWA) is pleased to announce that it has completed for this year its business training project in Ukraine.  YPSWA is especially proud to have worked with Technoterra, a Kharkiv based leader in the sale of new and used auto parts.   Technoterra is renowned for its supply chain management and distribution of spare parts throughout Ukraine.

“Tehnoterra is first in everything. On the premises of our company, we have carried out training for all our employees to improve their customer skills and enhance their quality of work “: said one of directors of Tehnoterra.

Business training was conducted by YPSWA’s President Volodymyr Paslavskyi, who arrived to Ukraine on Technotarra’s invitation. Training meets the requirements of “Chicago School of Business” and included workshops to strengthen the corporate spirit and reveals the subliminal economic and psychological motivations of customers and employees.

Training took place in the academic style of Montessori, therefore, it was held outside. Employees were delighted with the training because it was informative, interesting, productive, purposeful and effective.

Now “Tehnoterra” plans to periodically conduct such training. Throughout Mr. Paslavskyi’s stay in Ukraine, YPSWA was also engaged in other training sessions.  Overall, YPSWA is pleased to see how businesses in Ukraine develop and grow.  Most importantly, they have western standards as their aim.

For more information about trainings conducted by the Young Professionals and Skilled Workers Association, please call 647-831-2139 or write to info@associationcanada.org

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