Round Table Gives Hope to New Immigrants in Toronto

Organizers and Panelists. L to R: P. Tsykov (RCCAS); V. Sukharev (RSC @ UW); V. Debelaya (YPSWA); M. Arden (YPSWA); I. Muhina (RCCAS); R. Marchese (NDP MPP); V. Paslavskyi (Providence Group); A. Tsygankov (RCCC).

TORONTO – March 27, 2013 – Young Professionals and Skilled Workers Association (YPSWA) successfully held its annual Round Table of Discussions about education and labour challenges faced by new immigrants in Toronto.  MPP Rosario Marchese, the NDP Critic for GTA was a key panelist at this event.


The Round Table took place in Lillian H. Smith Public Library at 239 College Street in Toronto. Education consultants from Providence Group, Russian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Russian-Canadian Cultural Aid Society and Russian Club at University of Waterloo and many young-adult volunteers were co-organizers of this Round Table.


Photo 1_Panelists_1The Round Table attempted to explore labour barriers of Glass Ceiling, Mid-level Bottleneck and Sticky Floor, their affects on immigrants and what steps can be taken to overcome them.  In the course of discussion, panelists explained to the public that the Sticky Floor barrier is more detrimental to women than men, but the Mid-level Bottleneck barrier is equally detrimental to both sexes.  However, the Glass Ceiling barrier negatively affects minority men, who are 6% less likely to be promoted than white men, whereas white women are 2.5% more likely to be promoted to top management than white man.


Photo 4_MC V Paslavskyi

Moderator of Round Table V. Paslavskyi

According to Volodymyr Paslavskyi, an education consultant at Providence Group, many immigrants can rise above labour barriers by emulating the educational trend of Canadian-born students. Most of employment opportunities for Canadian born students come to them due to their post-secondary diplomas and certificates rather than university degree. Therefore, immigrants can improve their employment chances by simply enrolling into one of more than 200 post-secondary programs in Ontario’s colleges.


All panelists agreed that education is the tool to overcome barriers and that Ontario is home to some of the world’s best colleges. Ontario colleges have affordable, suitable and yearly postgraduate programs that endow students with skills demanded by Canadian employers. Postgraduate programs are also convenient for international students from Russia because in 2012, 70% of Russian applicants for student visas were approved, and for individuals who have not decided if they want to immigrate to Canada.


MPP Rosario Marchese spoke that there is lot of cultural bias perceived against colleges, which mistakenly are viewed as inferior to university-based education. He stated that bias against colleges is now disappearing as colleges become a better place to gain Canadian experience and skills sought after.


Alexander Tsygankov from the Russian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce quoted Royal Bank of Canada study, which stated that labour barriers encountered by immigrants cost Canadian economy on average $174 million in annual income loses.


The Round table was followed by Q and A session from the floor.


Young Professionals and Skilled Workers Association was founded in 2010.  YPSWA is a not-for-profit, federally registered organization, which offers a great way for young professionals, skilled workers and apprentices in the Greater Toronto Area to network, socialize and expand their professional horizons. For more information about the Round Table of Discussions, please contact YPSWA at


Photo (Photographer Galina Vavryniuk):


Photo 1: Panelists. L to R: V. Paslavskyi (Providence Group); R. Marchese (NDP MPP); I. Muhina (RCCAS); M. Arden (YPSWA); A. Tsygankov (RCCC).


Photo 2: Organizers and Panelists. L to R: P. Tsykov (RCCAS); V. Sukharev (RSC @ UW); V. Debelaya (YPSWA); M. Arden (YPSWA); I. Muhina (RCCAS); R. Marchese (NDP MPP); V. Paslavskyi (Providence Group); A. Tsygankov (RCCC).


Photo 3: Moderator of the event V. Paslavskyi.

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