Young Professionals, Russian Community Leaders and MPP Rosario Marchese are to Tackle Labour, Immigration and Education Challenges

TORONTO – 13 March 2013 – Young Professionals and Skilled Workers Association (YPSWA) together with the Russian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Russian Canadian Cultural Aid Society, Russian Orthodox Holy Trinity Church, Russian Student club at University of Waterloo and education specialists from Providence Group, will organize a Round Table of Discussions at which immigration, education and labour challenges will be discussed as well as analyzed how they affect our livelihood today.

Rosario Marchese, MPP for Trinity-Spadina, will be a special guest panellist and speaker at this event.

YPSWA engages community organizations and politicians to build a better understanding of and support for the work of the young professionals, apprentices and young skilled workers in our society.

Round of Table of Discussions:

  • Open to the public
  • Date: March 27, 2013
  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Location: Lillian H. Smith Public Library, Room A
  • Address: 239 College Street, Toronto, ON  M5T 1R5
  • Special guest: MPP Rosario Marchese
  • Refreshments served

Discussions at the Round Table will focus on two known labour challenges of “glass ceiling” and “sticky floor,” how they affect youth and the Russian-Canadian community in Toronto and how they can be overcome through education and by bringing everybody in the community together.

MPP for Trinity-Spidina, Rosario Marchese, in whose riding Lillian H. Smith Public Library is located, will speak on behalf his constituents.  In addition, MPP Marchese will bring his own experience as the NDP former Minister of Culture and Communications and Critic for education, multiculturalism and citizenship and immigration and current Critic for Greater Toronto Area and Economic Development.

Ms. Mila Mikulian, president of the Russian Canadian Chamber of Commerce and founder of Canfinse, a successful insurance brokerage firm, will be present and is expected to speak how business-oriented multiculturalism is Ontario’s strengths in promoting business opportunities and making Canada a more competitive place to do business.

Volodymyr Paslavskyi, president of Providence Group that specializes in consulting international students from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan how to enrol in Canadian colleges, will explore different education paths that lead to subsequent careers of Canadian born students and immigrant students.  Mr. Paslavskyi will emphasize that labour challenges may be conquered with the right education.

The Round Table of Discussions will be followed by Q & A session.  For more information, please contact YPSWA at or at 647-831-2139.

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